Gerard van der Put
Author and senior full-stack developer.

Gerard van der Put (1983) was born in the Netherlands.

He has written code since he was a young boy and used to have a popular blog about game development in JavaScript. After working as a freelance programmer for 10 years and studying law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam he moved to Scandinavia in 2010.

He currently works for a large industry-leading software enterprise as a full-stack senior developer and enjoys writing about development in his spare time in order to share his knowledge.


Published: 8th May 2020
React.js Complete Guide To Server-Side Rendering
Latest book - published May 2020
Table of Contents:
Server-side rendering explained
Chapter I
Project setup and Webpack configuration
Chapter II
Styling, assets and production builds
Chapter III
Server-side rendering with a Node express server
Chapter IV
State management with Redux and Redux-Toolkit
Chapter V
Asynchronous state manipulation
Chapter VI
Dynamic routing with react-router